Step by Step Guide
  This step by step tour will give you an idea of the different stages a loft converion undertakes.
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First we erect the scaffolding at the front of the property. We always make sure there is a safety rail at the bottom.

We keep the area underneath the scaffolding clean at all times with regular sweeping. The skips we use are covered to stop rubbish blowing down the street.

Entering the Roof
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We make a small hole in the front of the properties roof in which we gain access to the loft. We then make small holes in sections of the roof to allow sunlight in.

In the early stages we do not open up the ceilings, this stops
any dust / dirt falling onto your stairs / landing.

Floor Beams
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Beams are layed down to create the floor, these are secured to the main timbers that are tied into the brick work.

All this work is done by accessing the small hole in front of loft.