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loft conversions give you that extra room

Thinking beyond the box

Thinking beyond the box

The Sunday Times
September 2, 2007

Even if you live in a flat, not a house, you can still transform your living space. Gets some advice from the experts
Lucy Denyer

On the other hand, there are several things to be taken into consideration, chiefly the stairs, which “dictate any job”, according to David Hiron of the London Loft Company. “Work out where your stairs are going to go and you can design your loft around them,” he says. Bear in mind that you must have two metres clear above your head as you come up the steps.

Then there’s roof height, which must be at least 2.3 metres at the highest point. If the pitch is gentle enough, you may be able to squeeze a room into the existing internal triangular shape. But if – as in many Victorian semis or terraces – you can only really stand up in the middle, then you will have to create a mansard on the back, and that can be expensive. You will have building regulations to take into account, and may need a party-wall agreement.