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Step by Step

This step by step tour will give you an idea of the different stages a loft converion undertakes.

Step 1


First we erect the scaffolding at the front of the property. We always make sure there is a safety rail at the bottom.

We keep the area underneath the scaffolding clean at all times with regular sweeping. The skips we use are covered to stop rubbish blowing down the street.

Entering the Roof

We make a small hole in the front of the properties roof in which we gain access to the loft. We then make small holes in sections of the roof to allow sunlight in.

In the early stages we do not open up the ceilings, this stops
any dust / dirt falling onto your stairs / landing.

Floor Beams

Beams are layed down to create the floor, these are secured to the main timbers that are tied into the brick work.

All this work is done by accessing the small hole in front of loft.

Step 2


Tiles are removed to allow us to feed the supporting beams through.

The frame work of the dormer is built.

Main Beams

Vertical Beams are installed that act as the main support for the ceiling, and also tie the ceiling into the floor.

Each Beam is scured into place with heavy duty connecting striops which are drilled into place.

Ceiling / Ensuite Bathroom

Beams are run along the top of the loft to create the ceiling that are tied into rest of frame work.

The Ensuite framework is then erected into position and any pipework routes are worked out.

Step 3


The old roof is taken out and the the dormer is boarded.

The felt is applied to roof making it weather proof!


The Shower taps and pipe work are fitted to the framework in position.

The hot and cold feeds are run and connected to existing pipes.


The pipes are then run through to the outside of the dormer in position for the guttering.

Step 4

Stair Hatch

It is at this point that the stair hatch is cut out of the floor. As the loft has been cleaned out the amount of dust / dirt is at a minimal. When the hatch is cut sawdust will fall through onto the landing below.

If any mess does fall through it is dealt with straight away. We hover the area below the hatch at regular points.


The dormer has a protective layer applied to the front. This protects it from damp and variuos other issues.

Then we add wooden strips to the front which the tiles are attatched to.

Velux Windows + Roof

The Velux windows are fitted and sealed. Where the roof meets the chimney is sealed aswell.

Then the wooden beams are placed on roof ready for the tiles.


Now that the loft is waterproofed the rest of the frame work is erected for the dividing walls.

Also the electrics are wired in.

Step 5


The stairs are now fitted and once in are covered with a protected covering to prevent damage.

Internal Walls

The walls are plaster boarded and any cupboards are insulated.


The walls are plaster boarded and the taps are just left showing.

Then the base of the double shower is layed. This is concreted in place.

The Frame work is completed.

Step 6


The dormer is now tiled and sealed.

All pipe work is connected to the guttering.


The roof is also tiled and sealed.

“ Many thanks to the team at London Loft Company - Amazing ”


Loft ConversionIdeas

Need some inspiration to move up and not out?

Children’s Rooms

Children’s Rooms

Let your loft’s woodwork stand out with a bit of colour. Splash key walls, window frames and eaves with your favourite hue to create a bright, artistic canvas.

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Utilise the Eaves

Utilise the Eaves

We love eaves!   They are a great spot for: Storage children’s beds curtains with which to create a small alcove hooks to hang things on colour effects

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Home Office

Home Office

Utilise the sloping roof for floor to ceiling bookshelves that can be built directly into the walls for rustic appeal.

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Combine odd items you wouldn’t normally pair together to create the unique bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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